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Brad - 8/29/07 - Walnut Creek, California - Petit package is a real "Try It, You'll Like It" size
Discovered the French Rabbit "petit" while on vacation on the Central Coast of California. We ran into a little market to get a picnic lunch to take to the beach and these little lovelies just begged to be tossed into the sack, too. Much more body and quality than we expected, the Pinot Noir and white blend made the lunch a real "smash"! Now back home, we’ve discovered the larger size and the French Rabbit has become a regular visitor to our dinner table!

Rose - 7/4/07 - Miami, Florida
I love your chardonnay! I usually don't appreciate chardonnays, but yours is the BEST!!! I bought it on a whim at the local grocery store here at our second home in Miami Florida ... and I absolutely love it. It is refreshing, not too dry, full bodied and simply a pleasure to drink! I am going to share this wine with all my friends as soon as I get home!!! (or maybe not! :)  )

Renee - 5/24/07 - Vancouver, Canada
I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I absolutely love your style! The Tetra pack is fantastic! And the design is smokin' hot as well.& Living on the west coast, it's always been a little tricky trying to pack a bottle of wine along for a day on the beach, especially in Vancouver , as a bottle would be frowned upon. And voila! You have solved my problem. Thanks!

Brian - 12/26/06 - British Columbia, Canada
I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Antione, my rabbit, with your Chardonnay...we served it with Christmas dinner (the wine, not the rabbit) and everybody said it was one of the best Chardonnays they'd ever had!

Nicole - 11/23/6 - British Columbia, Canada
We were recently introduced to French Rabbit by my sister (a bit of a wine
connoisseur!) and were lucky to find it our local liquor store in Pitt
Meadows (BC, Canada) just prior to heading up to Whistler to do some snowshoeing....As you say on your web site, French Rabbit can be enjoyed anywhere and the tetrapaks are perfect for hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing or other outdoor pursuits! Having grown up in England and living in France for 3 years, I know that the French have been putting wine in Tetrapaks for years - they're way ahead of us! Thank you! Enjoy the pictures...

Julie - 9/25/06
Tried the Chardonnay today. Most excellent. The box did not affect the taste. Superior.

Judy, Washington state - 9/13/06
Myself and seven other women camping - - A group of eight female Flight Attendants from various airlines gathered on Sucia Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington state for a four day camping trip and enjoyed a full compliment of French Rabbit wines.  We found the Merlot and the Chardonnay…how you say…SUPERB.  Not having to back haul empty bottles was one of the best parts.  Judy, retired DAL

Linda and the gang - 9/6/06
Dear Rabbit,
My hiking group and I are thrilled that we found the French Rabbit Merlot to take on our monthly hiking outings.  Once we get to the top, we reward ourselves with a glass (or should I say a plastic cup) of your wine.  Very fresh and fruity, and a lot lighter/more compact than a glass bottle of wine.

Tom & Becky - 7/18/06
We found the French Rabbit running through an open field in – of all places – Nebraska City, Nebraska – wonderful! We enjoyed Chardonnay with our picnic between games at the College Baseball World Series in Omaha. What a hit!

Chad - 7/13/06
I love zee french rabbit. I am zo, how you say, infatuated wit it dat I made up a very spezial rabbit dance. Every time I zee et, I can-not elp but move my hieney partz.

Judith - 6/23/06
We tried your family reserve - the one with the little polka dots on the packaging. The red was good, but the white was truly magnificent! We are normally red wine drinkers, so the fact that we really raved about the white is due to it's superb quality. Keep them coming! We have been drinking the original 3 varieties for awhile and really enjoy them. They are excellent value for money as they are quality wines at an affordable price.

Kayne & Jenn - 11/03/2006 - Yummy!
I (Kayne) am a beer drinker but after a free sample at the LCBO, I was hooked! Jenn who drinks wine also enjoys it!!

Theresa & Leslie - 10/03/2006 - Rabid Rabbit Fans
We love the rabbit! We take it everywhere we go

Maddy - 3/24/2006 - A hit with the family
I took French rabbit to a big family gathering and they couldn't stop talking about it. It's now a staple for our big get-togethers.

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